Friday, April 15, 2005

Andrea Dworkin: Face of Maybelline dies at 28

Dworkin Maybelline ad
MAYBELLINE: Kudos for not bowing down to a media imposed image of beauty

The American feminist and most recent face of Maybelline, Andrea Dworkin, who linked pornography to rape and violence, and Tabasco Red Lipstick to being a nasty little tart, died at the weekend, She was 28 years old.

She started her writing career as a columnist for Hustler Magazine with a series of now notorious articles entitled, ‘Woman love it up them’, ‘No means maybe’, and most controversially of all, ‘That comes anywhere near me pal and I’ll bite the fucker off’.

By the age of 17 she had begun to pen radical-feminist critiques beginning with the Bible diatribe, ‘Mary was raped’, published when she was 17 ½.

She went on to become a screenwriter, gaining an Oscar nomination for the 1995 Mel Brooks action flick, ‘What Woman Want’.

Michael Winner, a fellow feminist and moviemaker, said she was one of a handful of writers "who helped me get my wrinkled old Henry to salute and then weep".

She became the face of Maybelline in 2003 following the public disgrace of previous Maybelline face, Ann Widdecombe. Widdecombe was revealed to be a Latvian illegal immigrant named Carlos, who actually was, born with it.

Widdecombe: Call me Carlos.

Ms Dworkin's agent, Johnny Blanco, said the cause of death was not yet known, but stephacockaliticus was currently suspected, adding,

“Once the quacks get the old gal sliced open, we will know for sure”.

Ms Dworkin is survived by a copy of the DVD ‘Juicy Fat Cocks’.

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Sniffy said...

My arse has been approached about being the new face of Maybelline. They're bringing out a new range of cosmetics to "show off the beauty of the front and back bottom". I suppose it'll make a difference for some twats that usually look like a badly-assembled kebab.