Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stephacockaliticus and me: Living with a dreadful but blog award worthy illness

Get well Angry Chimp

It’s time for me to come out from behind the persona of the Angry Chimp and lay my soul bare for you all to see.

Yes, it could be said that I do this only so ‘Angry Chimp’ the blog can be considered for one of the many blog awards next year (I’m also seeking nominations).

See the problem is, the cynics might say, blog award guidelines stipulate that a nominated blog must be a diary about ones life. Clearly, ‘Angry Chimp’ is more of a news reporting blog, if anything.

I know, I know, who would have thought it? – Indeed these are tough guidelines but I must abide.

So I present to you the diary or, ‘web log’ of my struggle with the terminal gum and viral condition that has swept through the ranks of celebrities and pontiffs alike.

For I am also a Stephacockaliticus sufferer.

: The Diary, or Weblog, if you prefer.

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