Thursday, April 14, 2005

Joey Deacon Festival sells out in record time!

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News for our youth - it's been done before!

Deak Fest ’05 has sold out in record time. Tickets for the 25th annual music festival centred on former stephacockaliticus sufferer Joseph ‘Joey’ Deacon went on sale at 9.00am this morning. By 11.31am all 112,000 tickets had gone.

Joey Deacon started The Deacon Festival of Song and Dance following his dramatic rise in the public conscience in the summer of 1979.

Numerous appearances on the BBC’s flagship ‘adult orientated’ Drugs and Sex expose documentary series ‘Blue Peter’, presented by the teenage part-time prostitute and very pregnant, Janet Ellis, saw Deacon as a narcotics ‘razzed’ former rock star that shook constantly and involuntarily and found simple communication extremely difficult.

It was revealed during the series finale that Joey, as the public affectionately knew him, was actually a sufferer of the virulent brain and gum condition stephacockaliticus, which accounted for his shakes and frequent ‘expletive laden’ outbursts.

Following Blue Peter, Deacon pledged to return to the live stage, and this he did to spac-tacular effect on August 21st 1979.

The Deacon Festival of Song and Dance soon attracted the very best talent from around the world and by 1985, it was attracting upwards of 20 million viewers through the BBC.

Now less formally known as ‘Deak Fest', Joey Deacon is still a major part of the annual event.

Speaking today at a press conference he said that he would continue to hold the event as long as his health held out adding;

“Uerrr uerr uer ueu ueruerrr uerr uerrr uerr uerrrrr”.

For those lucky enough to snap up the tickets this morning, Deac Fest 2005 takes place August 21-23 and is expected to feature alongside Deacon, The Zimmer Frames, Prescription Order, Paedo on a Pedestal, Oldplay, The Cunts and Kylie Minogue.


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You very funny man.

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You very funny man.

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