Sunday, April 17, 2005

POLITICS: Lib Dem unveil poster campaign

Lib Dem campaign poster4
They're all bastards really. Vote ANGRY CHIMP '05

BREAKING NEWS: The Liberal Democratic Party, led by ‘funny man’ Charles Kennedy (23) have unveiled their first ‘aggressive’ election campaign poster.

Already dubbed, ‘The Swearacrats’ by the tabloid press, due to the posters wording which poses the question – ‘Blair or Howard?’ then states bluntly, ‘F**k that!’

The Liberal Democratic Party have been roundly condemned by the both sides of the house who claim the Lib Dems are attempting to drag the election campaign to a ‘gutter level’.

Although neither the Conservative or Labour Party have yet to make an official statement regarding the poster, Alan Milburn, the man charged with Labours campaign, said at a press conference to promote Labours election pledge to chemically neuter all non-white ‘illegal immigrants’, that the Lib Dems new tactic would not influence the way in which Labour will fight to be re-elected.

“We’re about to unveil our new poster and let me tell you, it’ll kick those cunts in to touch, and that’s for damn sure”.

Mr Milburn said, before adding,

“Of course you do know Chuck Kennedy is a raging queer, don’t you?”


A Blogger said...

LOL! I loved the 'chemically neuter' paragraph, really funny!
(My favourite piece - not the only bit!)

How do you think of these?


Herge Smith said...

Hey Sam,

I just report the news, I don't make it up.

Cheers ears.