Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blog writer gets a 'bug' Hollywood break

LONDON Stephacockaliticus and me – the ‘disease diary’ featured in Herge Smith’s “Angry Chimp” blog site – has been optioned for a feature film by New Line Cinema.

The Stephacockaliticus Dairy
Previously on Angry Chimp...

NLC is known for “Hellraiser” and “Bridges of Madison County”, as well as lesser hits such as, “The Lord of the Hobbits” which was critically panned for its weak metaphor depicting Hobbits as a stereotypical hardworking common sensed working class. Stephacockaliticus is the deadly gum and viral condition which has recently brought us the deaths of ‘Brain Box’ Carol Vorderman, ‘Militanty’ Andrea Dworkin, and ‘Dead Pole’ Pope John Paul the 2nd.

Herge Smith’s heart breaking daily diary on his ‘web log’ or ‘blog’ has frequently attracted as many as ten visitors, or ‘hits’, weekly to read his harrowing struggle with the fear, pain and often prejudice that surrounds this disease.

Blogger’s Movie division will co-produce, “The Stephacockaliticus Diary”, which is expected to appeal to the same movie going demographic as the Bette Midler weepy, “Beaches” and the Ann Widdecoombe, romance/horror/disease flick, “Love Tory”.

Blogger hosts “Angry Chimp” and more than a million similar self-centred, egotistical and just plain boring blogs.

Other stories and articles in the Angry Chimp blog include Crap Animals, an expose of not-that-great-and-sometimes-small creatures, UK election coverage – ‘which bastard ‘05’ and an unending look at the world of TV games shows, including, ‘Celebrity Circumcision – The Final Cut’, Celebrity Prolapse: LIVE’ and ‘Let’s Hunt and Kill Celebrities – Celebrity Special’.

The movie version of ‘The Stephacockaliticus Diary’ is scheduled for an autumn release.

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