Thursday, April 21, 2005

TOYS: Kenner release 'eagle eyes' Tony Blair

Eagle eyes blair2
George shows off his new toy -- eyes to the left!

Tony Blair is to become the latest politician to benefit from a 'makeover' from toy maker giant, Kenner.

Kenner's latest Politician action doll, or PolyDoll, as they have become known, is that of the UK Prime Minister, Anthony Aloysius Blair.

Since 1996, Kenner have been using Hollywood special effects technology to produce the most realistic Politician action dolls in the world.

The dolls feature completely articulated skeletons which allow for anatomically correct positioning, an exclusive blend of the most expensive silicone rubbers for an ultra-flesh like feel, and are each custom made to order.

Even before the Blair 1 PolyDoll becomes commerically available on May 5th, orders are already flooding in.

Eagle eyes blair
...and eyes now permanently to the right.

Doug Handson, Head of PR at Kenner said their new Blair doll was particularly popular with other well known World leaders,

"We've already shipped an advance model out to George W Bush, the President of the United States" Doug said, adding, "He asked for the special eagles eyes feature which we loved so much we've made it a standard feature".

The Blair 1 PolyDoll is expected to retail from £199.99, complete with stutter, pained expression, 'matey' remarks/excuses and a 40GB memory with click thingy.


The Saturnyne said...

Neat site!

I laughed helplessly several times.

*grins amazingly*

Heh! "Which Bastard?" Excellent. I'm hoping to do a bit of a "Feck off Tony and Tory scum" blog in the near future, and shall definitely have to link to you so i can increase the mirth of our fellow bloggers.


The Saturnyne said...

PS: Wonderful profile pic, btw... but i can't for the life of me remember which bloody artist you borrowed it from. Or what it's called. Really annoying as i love 'em both.