Wednesday, April 20, 2005

POLITICS: Labour and Tory campaign poster shock

Angry Chimp Election Coverage 3

It’s red faces all round at both the Conservative and Labour Party HQs’. Both parties unveiled their latest campaign posters this morning and to the shock of all concerned, both posters were strikingly similar.

Conservative campaign poster
Tory: or is it labour?

Labour campaign poster
Labour: actually racialist?

The Conservatives poster, dubbed, ‘Howard’s Hate’ clearly addresses both the leader Michael Howard and the Tories policy on immigration.

‘I hate foreigners’, the poster announces next to a picture of Howard, along with the Tories election strap line, ‘We think we’re thinking what you are thinking’, suggesting that everyone else in the UK is as much of a narrow minded, bigoted, hate monger as Howard and his rabble of jack-booted, low tar fascists.

Over on the left bank, Alan Milburn unveiled the Labour campaign poster, quickly dubbed, ‘Tory Clone’, due to it being an almost exact copy of the frightening image of Michael Howard on the Conservative campaigh poster, with ‘He hates foreigners', written next to his demonic snap shot.

Initially, Milburn was quoted as saying he was extremely pleased with the message and was sure that it said exactly what the Labour Party think the UK voters are thinking.

However, upon seeing the amazingly similar Tory Poster Mister Milburn said,

“If the Tories think that’s what people are thinking, I think they should think again, and that’s what the general public will also be thinking.”

He said before adding;

“Lets face it, they should think on, that’s what we think.”.

Across the country ethnic minority groups have already attacked both Parties posters; the Tories for being overtly racist and the Labour Parties for playing on racial stereotypes with it’s condescending message, “Vote for Curry and The Kumar’s at No.42’.

Ahmed Kumar (no relation to The Kumar’s at No.42) of Asian Rub-A-Dub, the minority news weekly said;

“For fuck sake, there’s more to multiculturalism than curry, and the Kumar’s aren’t even real people.”

The Tory Party have declined to comment today on The Labour Party campaign, although a source close to Mr Howard has been reported as saying that Mr Howard was delighted with Labour's poster.

“We all know Tony’s a Tory at heart, but we’re frankly amazed his got his party campaigning on our behalf as well”.

The source said, adding, “This elections in the bag for the right”.

When pushed to clarify exactly what he meant by this he said,

"The elections in the bag for the Tories".

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