Wednesday, April 13, 2005

EDITORIAL: Angry Chimp News says NO to photo doctoring.

EDITORIAL: As a news organisation that prides itself on its commitment to accuracy and integrity, Angry Chimp News is appalled at the actions of the Dorset South Tory candidate, Ed Matts.

It has been revealed today that Matts ‘doctored’ (badly) a photo of himself and Ann Widdecoombe protesting over the potential deportation of a local failed asylum seeker and her family.

Tories arse about with photoshop
You might want to fix your faces as well, next time.

Matts messed with the snap by removing the family and slogans of support with slogans more inline with the Tories policy of internment camps for what the party chairman, Jim Davidson calls ‘chalkies’ and the creation of the controversial Walsall ghetto.

What the slogans actually read
What's good for the goose...

Angry Chimp News finds the practice of altering images and stories to promote ones own agenda, truly despicable, and hopes that the Tory Leader, Michael Howard is able to stamp this out in time for what promises to be a fair and reasonably argued general election battle.

During a Tory Party rally held this afternoon at Nuremberg, Angry Chimp reporters grilled the Tory Leader on what has quickly become known as, ‘

Michael Howard
Howard at rally - 'No to photo doctoring... and darkies'.

“We are shocked by what Matts has done. It’s just not enough to simply airbrush out the Madras Menace, our jackbooted followers must ensure they are removed, permanently from the picture, if you know what I mean”.

Howard said cackling manically into his shoulder pad before adding,

“We have a very, very clear message on immigrates, we don’t like ‘em. Not unless they’re white and rich."

He said,

"It could not be clearer, not so much a black and white message, as a white and white message."

For more on the Tories immigration policy be sure and check out Cakesniffers Beware! for a truly alternative opinion


Sniffy said...

In what's going to be a "dirrty" election campaign, where it's hard to know who to trust, at least we can rely on Angry Chimp to provide a full, frank and unbiased commentary.

Praise the Lord for Angry Chimp.

A Blogger said...

LOL! I never know what I'm going see when I pop over here! How dare you do it?????

Nice one.

Thanks for your comments about the Beeb ~ I do have a few words of my own, I would like to mention...

She stands up on stage and takes her reward...George Clooney winks in her direction. Brad Pit has already promised to pop round to her dressing room after the show...For this I would like to thank.... Then she woke up!