Friday, December 23, 2005

500 part one

At the funeral


D&B test card

DBC corresponent


missing scene 500


dalek and smash

What's yr take on

Meester B4


Dalek in park with boy


Dalek and Borg and toy

What say you

your mate dave



edwaado said...

Happy 500th to you

Have there really been that many? I think I may have read one or two.

thordora said...


Last time I offered a directional opinion I got shat on, so I'll say the standard "wherever you want to take it"

no stress dude. no stress.

Rainypete said...

Onl 500 eh mate? I could have sworn it was at least a thousand or so.

garfer said...

A timely reminder of simain genius.

Happy 500'th.

Sniffy said...

A very happy 500 for all of us. Every one has been very special, every one has had an element of genius.

Congratulations Herge, and thank you very much for making blogging worth while. I doubt that I'd have seen it through this far with your input and inspiration.

I love you.

Sniffy said...

I wonder how many I've done? About 480

I wonder how many good ones I've done? About 15, if that.

PS I'm getting a Dalek. Yay!
PPS It's for my brother. Boo!

suburban wonder said...

Happy 500! I just passed the one-year mark, myself. I haven't counted, but it's way below 500. You're an inspiration, you are.

Faltanus said...

congratulations on 500 Herge, and while i know i don't need to say it, i'm gonna say it anyway. you can do all the self-deprecating you want, but in no way has your stuff gotten tired, old or hackneyed. Thing, stabbing bachelor, Esme....all recent, all really good stuff. i'm still totally in awe.

pissoff said...

Tina, what about me you skanky cow? I thought you loved me.

On another note... well done Herge. Good job except for the word verification.

wxrlyqoz - Noooooooo!

Sniffy said...

Sorry Herge, I love you AND April. There's plenty enough love to go around.

Aginoth said...

Happy 500th :o)

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you and your little uns, Herge. Oh, and Dalek too.

L said...


MHN for short said...

Wow 500! That's fantastic! We should all last that long. You know what the really great part about this is? You're not dead. Most people who celebrate a 500 of anything are usually dead... Things are looking up Herge, old boy!!! Love ya to bits! m.