Saturday, December 03, 2005

Angry Chimp's advent calendar - DEC 3rd

A Angry Chimp advent Dec 3rd

The Queen's speech.

Does anyone actually listen or watch this?

For those from overseas, every Christmas day our lovely leech of a head royal gets 10 odd mins to pass comment on what has happened in the preceding year.

I think I may have seen one once, but she is so hopelessly out of touch with the world it's horrifically embarrassing.

This year we'll get, "ohh the tsunami was bad, as were the so-called bombings in London".

Yeah, thanks for that cracking insight you bloodsucking hag.

When she dies (which, if she's anything like her evil toothed mother, will be a hundred years from now - wow, privilege really is good for longevity) I can only assume we will get that rambling fool of a son of hers. Or worse still that bland Coldplayesq wanker, William, doing the TV duties.

Jesus, makes my flesh crawl just thinking about it.


Rowan said...

sorry, I didn't realize the royals were even THAT involved in today's world. I had no idea that there would be any kind of New Year's ringing in speech. I guess there is no one quite as in touch as Diana was huh?

thordora said...

Rowan, the play that damn boring speech on the CBC every year, so you can be lulled BACK to sleep after the Xmas morning gorge....

She scares me the Queen does. In that creepy cat lady, owns whips she does kinda way...

Sniffy said...

I like them.

I do, I like the Royal Family. They're ridiculously pompous and traditional (old fashioned), but so are a lot of families. The benefits far outweigh the costs (compared to sponging bastard dolescum scroungers and their herds of abortion dodgers??).

They do a hell of a lot for diplomatic relations, especially with the need to limit damage caused by a warmongering prime minister.

Charles is a bit of a twat, but he has some very good points to make about environmental issues and the protection of rural industries in all nations of the Commonwealth. If nothing else, he raises awareness and he gets people, who'd never normally bother, thinking about things.

The Queen's Speech is something else and here's a question: if you HAD to listen to a speech by the Queen, or an alternative given by Chris Martin or Bob Geldof, who would you go for? I know who is more credible and who has more appreciation of global affairs.

The Queen Mum's teeth were terrible, weren't they?

Good call Herge. This is one of those where you don't get many people with no opinion.

S.I.D. said...

Her daughter is game for a laugh.

DrMax said...

See? This is why we in America had that big dust up with you in 1776. We didn't want to be led by an out of touch figurehead who gives boring speeches a minute....I just described Bush didn't I?

Aginoth said...

That Chimp is really scary !!!

pissoff said...

The Queen Mum set a fine example for British oral hygiene.

Wasn't there a Simpson's episode where they had the Big Book of British Teeth?

garfer said...

They could always get Harry to do it, but I suppose he's probably too pissed up on cider with brandy chasers.

Spirit Of Owl said...

Fuck the queen and all that comes from her.

Anonymous said...

In my family we had a tradition of sitting down and watching the speech. We weren't allowed to open our presents until after she had finished (around 3pm), which thankfully, doesn't happen anymore. I mean the bit about watching the speech. We still don't open our presents until the afternoon. I like it this way though as the presents are spread out and so there is still something to look forward to after opening the presents from 'Father Christmas' that magically appear in our stockings overnight.