Friday, December 09, 2005

The Middle Class Child - 1.3.7


We first meet Esmé aged 1 year, 3 months and 7 days.

She sleeps soundly following a vigorous reading of ‘The Story of Tracey Beaker’, which her mummy, Lizzie Jenkins-Strathmore believes is a far superior book for a bedtime read, dealing as it does with foster care and the challenges the central protagonist, Tracy Beaker, faces with brave determination.

Lizzie hopes that Esmé will become socially aware and appreciative of her undoubtedly good start in life, and the vast range of opportunities she will more than likely be afforded as she grows up to be a big girl.

Esmé is not aware of her mummies pre-emptive attempts to socially engineer her; she simply found the sound of Lizzie’s received pronunciation comforting.


Sniffy said...

And here she is, alrady dreaming of her first gymkhana because it has been imprinted on her developing mind. Already, and without blame, she is loathsome simply because we hate her parents.

Stuck up little spastic.

garfer said...

Esme is as unchav a name as they come.

She may be a stuck up little spaz but she will be a precocious reader and end up working for Conservative Central Office by the age of twelve.

Sniffy said...

No, she's New Labour through and through.

Faltanus said...

wow. my skin is already crawling. it really does beg the question, how much "choice" do we truly have in life? even though i know it's pointless i'm keeping my fingers crossed that little Esme will be one of those rare individuals that breaks free from her conditioning and lives her own life.

funny thing said...

I expect in a year or so she'll be going to Barrister Toddlers and discussing the benefits of Baby-Mozart.
Yer Honour.

suburban wonder said...

Oooh, I have the feeling I'm going to love the new series. Poor Esme.

red one said...

Surely Tracy Beaker is dumbing down after playing the complete works of Shakespeare on audiobook to Esme while she was in the womb...?


cali said...

you brits and your cute lil class system! i'm so glad i live in a class-free, egalitarian society!

garfer said...

Cali: Preppies, Ivy League, Boston Brahmins,
George W Bush.

No class system there eh?

MHN for short said...

it's all in "who" you know.