Saturday, December 17, 2005

mum, where's my dalek?

Dalek v Dachshund


garfer said...

Dixon looks singularly unimpressed.

Sniffy said...

Brilliant! Fantastic! I love it!!!!

Poor little Dixon, these things she has to endure - invasions and insurgencies into her very own home!

Great photo.

edwaado said...

So Dixon is thinking Oh no, now what!?

Ashlay Gimpsen said...

Awww...ok? I still am confused by all Dalek posts.

Here's a housekeeping chore for you, Herge: take down "Includes Free Drink" (sadly, decommissioned due to lack of interest-mine) and put up "mother was a slot machine."

How've you been, Herve? I missed everyone here, and will now put on a good blog if it kills me. And I have a new boyfriend...more material! cya, becky (aka ashlay gimpsen)

Ashlay Gimpsen said...

Ok Herge...I can never remember which it is. Sorry. :)

Herge Smith said...

Cas, erm Ashley - done and changed - welcome back to the fray (frey?)

Might be doing a Dalek explanation post in the near future.