Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Angry Chimp's advent calendar - DEC 7th

A Angry Chimp advent Dec 7th

This is really a question for the UK blog visitors out there -

When the fuck did dressing your house up as a 'tacky' version of Blackpool become not only acceptable, but popular?

It's like a fucking brightly lit tumour that grows through our towns every year, with more and more people adopting it.

And now it's in my street - and I hate it!

What the fuck is it all about?

Again - what the fuck has it to do with anything?

No offence to our transatlantic cousins, but for fucksake just 'cause the yanks do it don't mean you have to.

Honestly, what's wrong with people that they think EVERYONE ELSE wants to celebrity as much as they do?

It's so awful, I can't stand it - terrible terrible terrible...

Yeah yeah yeah, I know.... "It's for the kids" Well, you already know my feelings on that matter.

So please, people, let's keep it indoors, in the privacy of your own home.


garfer said...

Quit yer moanin'.
Get an air rifle. You can have hours of enjoyment popping those festive bulbs. If you wing a small child or two in the process regard it as a welcome bonus.

Aginoth said...

We put up a few light inside our windows, but nothing outside. Perhaps a Light bulb tax should be charged? say £25 a bulb outside you house

suburban wonder said...

Alright, Scrooge. Expect three ghostly visitors.

Sniffy said...

well, with all this talk of us not having enough gas to power the the national grid and of us buying lecky from the frenchies, it's a frigging outrage that people are allowed to have these outdoor displayes of utter tat on show all day and night. They should be arrested ... and their houses burnt down of course.

MHN for short said...

I think it might have a bit to do with leaving oil in your lamp for when the Savoir comes again. It's in the Bible. I'll have to look it up. It's a passage about the bride(the Church) looking for her bridegroom(Jesus).

Not getting all religiousy~ You asked...

Sniffy said...

There's a difference between having a candle or light in the window and draining the national grid though. These things really are completely over the top. Worse still, they're often done really badly and just look completely shit and tacky.


MHN for short said...

Take some pictures and post them. I'd like to see how they compare to here.

L said...

I really want an Advent calendar like that!

Steve Dix said...

Air rifle, my arse. Get the ground-to-ground personnel-launched missile.

Our upstairs neighbours have blocked their landing with a huge Xmas tree. This as well as the wooden horse from an old Merry-go-round that is always there.