Monday, December 05, 2005

Angry Chimp's advent calendar - DEC 5th

A Angry Chimp advent Dec 5th

Me: "I don't like Christmas anymore, I find it shallow, overly commercial and disgustingly secular - and that's from someone who has more faith in an Egg McMuffins than he does in the idea of an all powerful God"

Them: "Ahhh, but Christmas is really for children isn't it? You'll see that when you finally stop being the most selfish creature on Earth and start to care about something other than 'where's my Dalek' and porn".

Well, frankly that's bollocks.

As it happens Christmas is about the birth of the Christian Messiah (Jesus), not your snotty nosed little shits and their 5 minutes of self gratified glee as they open yet more overly priced and under valued expressions of your so-called love and guilt at not being a proper parent and relying on your mother and mother-in-law and the television/ video games to raise them.



Sniffy said...

Srange that you should come out with "it's for the children" because that is exactly one of the phrases I'm planning for one of my posts.

I love Christmas for the simple things it represents: hope, kindess, love even, friendship, reconciliation. As well as the nosh up of course.

I think we have to remember that it is adults who make children the little shits that they can turn out to be. It is adults who have control over whether their children appreciate the real meaning of Christmas (including the Christian bit or not), or whether they're happy for their kids to turn into selfish, greedy little brats.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the message I was drumming into you mother, Tina. I blame her entirely for raising a greedy, selfish brat who believes hogging down every last piece of cauliflower in a jar of pickles is her God given right. Maybe confiscating her medication until she saw the sense in my argument was going a bit far though...

BTW, have you dusted off your wanking Santa yet, T?

Faltanus said...

Christmas is no more about the birth of jesus than the 4th of july is. ask any reasonably informed historian or religious scholar when jesus' birthday is and you will be surprised to learn that 1) we don't know precisely, and 2) it was almost certainly sometime in early autumn. about 400-500 years AFTER jesus was born (that is to say after about 300 to 400 years of christians NOT celebrating the birth of their savior) the "church" decided to institute a celebration of christ's birth and to set the date as december 25. and why? you might ask. because it coincided so nicely with the pagan celebration of the winter solstice - a big celebration throughout europe where the church was actively seeking out converts. "hey," the pope/holy roman emporer/who-the-fuck-ever said, "let's have our own winter celebration to make our religion more palatable to the heathens. we'll call it christmas even though we know damn well that christ wasn't born any where around this time of year."

and that my friends is the story of christmas.

And this rant was brought to you by the completely absurd word verification efblkxzrv

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Someone I used to work with was distraught when we informed her of this white lie of Christianity. She was slightly mad though. Typical NHS employee. Buggar only knows what she made of The Da Vinci Code!


Hmm. Anyone else find that particular word verification a bit suggestive?

Rowan said...

hmmm, someone is bittter eh?
was christmas a touchy subject for you growing up?
Did you get too many lumps of coal or summat?

JK, I understand what you mean, and yeah, I get depressed and harried this time of year for sure.