Friday, December 16, 2005

Dalek and Borg 23

Dalek and Borg Sh'm Atim
Dalek and Borg Sh'm Atim2
Dalek and Borg Sh'm Atim3


Anonymous said...

What happened to the "talk stick" glowing red? It's glowing white all of a sudden. Did I miss something? Am I reading too much into minutae?

Sniffy said...

Doesn't it glow red when Dalek starts to get really angry and is about to kill?

I can see a bit of jealousy entering into this friendship and ruining it. Let's hope D&B are bigger than consumerism.

suburban wonder said...

Mmmmm. Still floaty. Good stuff, Herge.

I'm with Borg here. Erm, what does it do?


Father Paul said...

Sweet comic, my son.

Faltanus said...

nope - no one is bigger than consumerism. you either give in to it, or you completely nutters like those "back to nature" survivalist freaks.