Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Are they really friends? - Part Two

Well, apparently they are at least according to Bonny and Cher who have now viewed my previous blog and asked for a retraction.

A Promise Kept!

I shan't be retracting, it's only a dumb blog after all and it's not like anyone actually reads this crap! I will say this, after almost 2 months of constant begging the number for Snow White was handed over. There was a caveat mind you and this was that Gretel not find out. I have kept this promise so far and have sworn the only other person who knows about this sorry tale to silence (I killed her and all her family - I take these things seriously).

But the fact is this:

My ex-girlfriend Gretel has been going out with a new (rugby playing - for fuck sake) boyfriend for over a YEAR!! So I can't help but feel Bonny and Cher are being sooooooo overly sensitive. But that doesn't make them bad people.

So yes, they are friends. 'Alright, can I go now???'

Dead Man Walking?

How's it going with Snow White? - Well, she tells me that the jury is still out.

I'll let you know.

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Anonymous said...

So, how is it going with Snow White?