Thursday, February 24, 2005

DRBB: Former head of production found dead at London home

Morton Jaegar, former Deputy Head of Production at Abortion Tickles, the team behind the TV phenomena, ‘Death Row Big Brother’, was found dead yesterday morning in his North London Flat, the Metropolitan Police said.

The body of Jaegar (29) was found at around 7.00am by TV Presenter Tony May (38), Jaegars partner of 4 years.

A police spokeswoman said: "May discovered the body of Jaegar when he returned to their shared flat after completing work on an all-night recording of the television show ‘Nocturnal Emissions”.

amassed reports
DRBB press conference this morning

Formal identification took place later that morning. Mr Jaeger was 29.

Although early reports of the nature of Jaegars death initially suggested the injuries sustained were self inflicted, Police later said that they were currently treating the death as suspicious.

The area surrounding the couples flat has been sealed off while a home office pathologist carries out a post mortem to establish the exact cause of death.

Following yesterdays evenings 6.30pm edition of the popular Channel 4: E4 ‘youth’ soap opera ‘Skanks’, Julie Husk, Mays co-presenter read from a statement May had prepared earlier;

“This is a difficult time for both Morton’s family and for myself, we intended to co-operated fully with police officers in their investigation. However, I would like it to be made clear that Morton was not the sort of person who would kill himself and therefore I strongly believe there is someone out there who knows more about this than they are currently letting on. If you do know anything, I implore to contact either this show, E4 or the Police. If you do contact E4 make sure you check out our fantastic competition to win an special signed copy of the new DRBB DVD: Funniest Rucks”

What web viewers should have seen on DAY 53

It was 3 weeks ago that Jaegar was sacked from the Abortion Tickles amid the controversy surrounding the now notorious Day 53 debacle, in which a 7-year-old boy was brutally murdered in the DRBB house.

Although Jaegar was held personally responsible for not blocking live web cam feeds at the time of the incident, thus allowing the online community to see the horrific final moments of Matthew Wheatley, he had continuously maintained since leaving Abortion Tickles, that he was not responsible for Day 53, and that in fact he had been following a direct order by senior management to leave the web cam feed running.

Jaegar, who had previously worked on the smash, hit Channel 5 show ‘Virginity Lost: LIVE’ spoke as recently as Monday this week about the incident that led to his dismissal in an exclusive interview in renowned ‘hard hitting’ weekly news magazine, Heat.

virginity lost

Five targets youngsters

“They (Abortion Tickles) know much more about Day 53 than they are letting on.” Jaegar said, before adding, “It’s all about the show. ‘Nothing BUT nothing must harm the show’ is the credo that is drilled into you from day one’.

In the most extraordinary extract of the interview, Jaegar claims that he has ‘solid evidence’ that implicates the production company, Abortion Tickles, creator Mark Canttrell and the Home Secretary, Jerry Adams in a wide spread conspiracy, “It’s gonna shake the nation to it core” said Jaeger, “that f**kin’ show (DRBB) is just the tip of the iceberg”.

Abortion Tickles refused to make comment on Jaegars interview with Heat, and have so far remained silent on issue of his death.

Mark Canttrell, on the other hand had this to say during a phone interview early today to DRBB: Victims Revenge, DRBB’s sister show;

“I am saddened by the news of Morton’s death and regret that the last time I spoke with him was of an acrimonious nature.

The finale of DRBB airs this Friday.

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