Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Art of Happiness: Chapter Zero

Zero: Pre-appetizer

You’re dying.

You don’t have long left.

If you’re lucky you’ve got maybe another 900,000 seconds. That sounds a lot right? You’ve now got 899,997 seconds, still seems like a lot?

You’re practically dead already. To a knat you live forever but to the Earth you’re dead, buried and forgotten.

And good riddance.

How was it for you?

Did you achieve?

Did you have a fulfilling life?

Did you matter?

Did you die at home in bed with all your family around you?

Was it painless in your sleep?

Christ I hope not. I hope it was bloody painful. I hope you felt your heart exploding and every vain in your body burn like napalm being injected directly into your exposed artery.

You’re time is almost up you know.

You have maybe 899,990 seconds to go. Reading this will take at least two hours, or four if you’re a slow reader (i.e. thick), so that’s between 7200 seconds and 14400 seconds gone of your life.

And they tick away…






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