Wednesday, February 23, 2005

DRBB: Masterson has ear bitten off!

In a shocking development late last night, DRBB finalists, Glenn Jones and Donald Masterson became involved in a deadly altercation, which resulted in Masterson having part of his right ear bitten off by Jones.

Mastersons ear today

The Sun newspaper, the self proclaimed ‘Only source for Death Row news’ proudly boasted on its front page this morning, that it had incited the violent act. The ‘extreme’ newspaper had arranged for dozens of copies of it’s own Wednesday edition to be flown into the DRBB house, using a radio controlled helicopter.

Sun used model 'copter similar to this

Wednesdays Sun headline, was an exposé of Jones’s previously unknown ‘secret’ life as an active transvestite in the late 1980’s. This was prior to Jones’s ‘tranny frustration turned homicidal spree’ as the Sun put it, which resulted in the murder of seven women in and around the Vale of Evesham area between 1991 and 2003.

Ironically, The Sun Newspaper had already dubbed Jones with his now synonymous nickname ‘Glenda J’ prior to its most recent revelations.

It appears early yesterday evening Masterson began to taunt Jones once he learnt of Jones’s transvestite past, which he had read in the strategically dropped Suns. After a brief exchange of words, Jones launched into a violent frenzy, which resulted in the loss Masterson’s right ear lobe.

Rare picture taken in 1986 of Jones as 'Hilda'

Within moments of this dramatic development The Sun’s online news service declared it a major coup with the headline; ‘Glenda J gives Masterson ‘ear ache, with a little help form your current bun.' They had also quickly come up with a new nickname for Masterson, christening him ‘Lugs’.

This is not the first time this series that a national newspaper has attempted to influence the action in the DRBB house. During week 8, The Daily Mail arranged for work experience reporter Malik Walters (17), to climb into the house via a security ‘blind spot’ to the rear of the DRBB garden.

The funeral for Walters was held at Southwark Memorial Church last Thursday.

Following yesterdays assault, Masterson fled to the DRBB diary room and begged the production team for medical assistance. Keen eyed viewers noted that despite Masterson’s injury, he was cautious not to sit in the DRBB chair, presumably as a result of Mondays astonishing execution of Marcus Holt (22).

The production team at first offered Masterson ‘a waterproof stinking plaster’. It subsequently withdrawing the offer of aid following Masterson’s four-letter outburst at what he saw as, in his own words “an unacceptable level of support for my plight, you fucking bastards!”

Spoon used to cauterise wound

Masterson eventually cauterised the wound by heating a spoon with a lighter and then pressing it to his right ear.

Lighters are technically forbidden in the DRBB house, but luckly for Masterson, one had been smuggled in by former DRBB contestant, John Oliver.

Oliver (47) was the first contestant in the DRBB House to be executed in the style of his own crime. He had his throat slit shortly after the public vote ended in week 3.

Mark Canttrell, mastermind behind Death Row Big Brother made a statement earlier today reassuring fans that yesterdays incident would, “In no way effect the finale this Friday”.

Both Masterson and Jones face the public vote this coming Friday. As has been widely reported, the winner of the public vote will go free, whilst the runner up will be executed.

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