Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Death Row Big Brother: The Insiders Guide.

Death Row 2
It's gonna be a best seller, you better believe it.

Channel 4 books will be publishing the insiders guide to Death Row Big Brother, the smash phenomena that’s rocked television and caused a cultural pro-lapse, this Monday.

Authored by world famous ‘satirical’ blogger, Herge Smith, Death Row Big Brother – the Insider’s Guide, follows the day-by-day broadcasts from the Death Row Big Brother House.

Along with a daily breakdown the guide includes interviews with the shows creators - the production company ‘Abortion Tickles’ and Mastermind, Mark Cantrell, a full breakdown of each housemates criminal record with police evidence - CSI reports AND photos of victims, before and after. This unique guide also provides fans with shot by shot descriptions of each housemate’s execution and full autopsy report – in gut wrenching colour, and 3D (glasses included).

This is the definative book of the series. Buy it now from all good book shops for £25.99, or online from Amazon – Click Here. Alternatively, wait a week after the series finale when you will be able to get a copy from County Bookshops for £2.99, selling alongside Gareth Gates biography and The Darkness 2004 annual.

More on this extraordinary show Click Here


P.I. Squared said...

you're right - big brother sucks. this would be so much more interesting. a book i shall buy if i see it on the shelves.

"death row big brother" - putting the "morbid" in "morbid interest".

Lisa from Alaska said...

Herge your level of awe-ispiring, twisted, genius amazes me. I feel like an angry slack cow when thrown in with the likes of the Angry Chimp.

How is it that you stay humble?

Lisa from Alaska said...

Of course, that's presuming that I know enough about you to assume that you are actually humble...

tell me, is it Dixon that keeps you human?

Lisa from Alaska said...

I actually have a rather serious question for you, and I sincerely hope I won't offend you...

Did you ever think about not having the surgery for Dixon? If you've already answered that question in a pervious post, just point me in the right direction.

Herge Smith said...

P.I.Squared - welcome to the party. I'll pop over yours in a bit and look around.

Lisa FA - I am very humble, and it's all 100% me blogging - I'm a blogger you can trust - unless you lend me money, ask me to keep an eye on something, or tell me not to flirt with your sister/mother/cousin.

Part from that, I'm solid.

Yeah, the small wee doggie does keep me humble. You can't get cocky when you have a tiny dog, with wobbly back legs.

Herge Smith said...

Re: Serious question.

Nah, even if I hadn't had insurance I'd have still paid to have the op done. In fact the vet did give me the choice, but the poor thing was in so much pain I just saind go for it.

She is still young for a doggie, only 6, and Daxies can live to 15+

After the op, when she made no progress for the first 2 weeks I felt really shitty - like I'd made the condition worse by subjecting her to surgery.

Now she's started to walk again i know it was the right choice.

Interesting question, why'd you ask?

Connie said...

"awe-ispiring, twisted, genius" I think you got it right there Lisa...

Nobody Special said...

"I'm a blogger you can trust" Is that a dig at anyone in particular???

Interesting question, Lisa. I don't believe in life at all costs (and I'm not talking financial here) but I think Herge definitely made the right decision. To have not given her the chance to make a full recovery would have been at the back of your mind forever.

I had a similar dilema last year with my puddy tat. He was on the operating table for about 6 hours, with the vet ringing me up with progressively worse news. I wouldn't have wanted him to have been brought round if he was riddled with cancer and just going to spend his last weeks suffering. If you love them that much you have to put them before yourself no matter how hard.

Ship Creak said...

If you hadn't started blogging and been so inspirational, herge, i know i wouldn't have started. and i know everyone who reads my blog wishes i hadn't.

That's fake butt-smooching out of the way, now the real reason for this comment - I just noticed that your link to my blog is labelled "If Alan Partridge blogged - Ship Creak".

So thanks for that.

Herge Smith said...

Hey Ship, Just noticed that huh? You is slow boy, you is slow.

Sniffy said...

It's nice to see that I'm still "excellent".

Herge Smith said...

you're the best

Lisa from Alaska said...

Herge, I was wondering because, after reading about Dixon and also Trillion's comments earlier about her cat, it seemed like a lot of people in the UK (just about everyone I know, but I only know about three of ya so far, so my sample group might be a little skewed) were willing to do just about anything for their pet.

I have been fortunate that I haven't had a pet become seriously ill or disabled. When my cat of 18 years was winding down, I had a really hard time decided when I should take her in to be euthanized. It was such a hard decision because I wanted to keep her around forever, but I didn't want her to be in pain.

I know other people who, in my opinion, have taken things way too far with their pet, in essence torturing them with costly, painful, often times experimental procedures because they couldn't stand to let go.

On the other end of the spectrum I know an even greater number of people that will simple have their animal put down, should their injury (a cat with a broken leg for example, the fix cost $800 but the cat was only $60 from the pound) be something that won't heal by itself naturally.

I guess I was wondering if it was a cultural difference between the UK and the US, that people in the UK will likely try to save their pets when injured, and people in the US more likely to put their pet down based on cost (please keep in mind, as stated above that there are many many people that will do whatever it takes to keep a pet alive)

Herge Smith said...

Well, they do say the brits love their pets.

Everyone I know who have pets would pretty much do anything for them.

Silly buggers that we are.