Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dalek and Borg 11

Dalek and Borg PENCIL1
Dalek and Borg PENCIL2

More Dalek and Borg


Nobody Special said...

Brilliant! But how unlucky for the pencil to have fallen into a puddle of hairgel in the first place.

Crystal said...

Hi and thank you for stopping by my blog! Whoo! I really am on a roll ~ 4 comments in one day! (I shall soon be the queen of blog-land. heh heh heh)

Thanks for the explanation on the title of Trainspotting. That would have botherd me for days. I really dug the movie - totally fucked up but in my opinion Ewan can do no wrong (except not coming to see me). And to answer your question, yes the accents were extremely thick. It took me a bit to adjust to it.

thordora said...

so wrong...borg porn

Karen said...

EWWW!!... Heh heh!

"Hey Dalek, taste the pencil!"

Sniffy said...

This is what we've been waiting for. It's hotting up folks and I can't WAIT for the sink plunger to come into play!