Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dalek and Borg 12

Dalek and Borg gone

More Dalek and Borg


boabhan sith said...

LOL...I love these...I can't explain why, but they're great.

Spirit Of Owl said...

I hate it when that happens.

Sniffy said...

Where'd he go? Poor old Dalek, vamoosed! I'm quite worried now.

Herge Smith said...

Ms Sith - you love them because of the high production standards... I reckon anyway.

Spirit - yes, it is an arse.

Tina - Don't fret, i think you maybe seeing Dalek again very soon... in fact in a couple of hours.

I'm a tad disappointed that no one has sussed what's going on... or maybe no one gives a fuck... oh God, that's it isn't it?

Actually Faltanus got quite close.

Sniffy said...

There's no way anybody could figure out what that head of yours is planning, Herge!

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