Saturday, June 04, 2005


your mate dave on football


Lisa from Alaska said...

Indeed. American football too!

Lisa from Alaska said...

But damn if they don't look cute in their uniforms

Karen said...

Err... Well unless Davey boy is a player, I guess he's one of the poor morons.

Welcome. So nice of you to join us.

Kenny said...

Fuck off Dave. It's the beautiful game and us poor morons love it.

Connie said...

Sounds like you need to be a multi millionaire to attend any game in the premier league anyways these days....

Sniffy said...

Ooooh, 'ark at the running commentary!

It's true though, I've no idea how much a ticket for a premiership game is, but I bet it's far more than the average fan can afford.

Thank goodness for telly.

Herge Smith said...

I have to admit, I'm a little bit in agreement with Your Mate Dave on this... not the bit about morons loving to watch it, I don't mind i myself, but the bit about a game played by rich morons.

There value is so fucked up - I know its a cliche but how in this society can a footballer earn 100k + a week whilst nurses, traffic wardens, bin men etc won't earn that in 5 years.

I know I know I know, it's a pointless debate, it just is - I get that. Doesn't mean it's right though.

God, I sound like a right tit now.

Anyway, I just don't like the idea of watching millionaires kick a ball around. Doesn't sit right with me.

Kenny said...

Hmmm. Keep in mind the majority were nowhere near millionaires when they started.

Market economics Hergey - not everyone can play that well.

As you say though, it ain't right.

Herge Smith said...

Andy, it's a good point about the fact the majority of footballers were poor - someone a day or so ago mentioned that footballers were worse than tennis players because at least tennis players could string a sentance together.

I don't agree with that, I've always felt that football is one of only a tiny amount of ways a poor kid with little or no education can end up rich and famous.

Whereas the majority of tennis players (gawd, I'm captain generalisation today) are from middle class backgrounds where tennis is one of many opportunities these kids have.

Fuck me, it's all down to class again.

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Karen said...

I don't know about football, but in North American pro-hockey, the guys aren't just being paid to play; some of them are being paid because of the risk that they'll get the shit kicked out of them during any given game. Lost teeth, lost eyes, lost limbs! That's hockey, baby!

My favourites are the guys that are paid to *start* fights on the ice. All hail the enforcers!

Kenny said...

Karen, in England we call those people dickheads and we banish them from the game. But maybe we're just soft like that and prefer to appreciate those with skill to those who can wield a stick in full protective gear.

Sorry, I have a real desire to post something about how North American sports are just shite, played by twats.

No offence Karen, but they are shite.

Rowan said...

Canadian Football? or American Football? Or does shite encompass all North American sports?

You know a sport I don't understand. Basketball. A person who is 7' tall stick a ball in a basket that is.....what's standard 8'? (I've honestly no clue) where's the skill involved there can someone tell me.