Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dixon update - GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS

Dixon in the sunshine
Ahhhhhhhhh, yeah, I get that all the time.

Yes folks, it is good news.

Dixon has started to walk again!!

This time last week she was still queen of the drag, but one week later she is walking 90% of the time. Now that is progress.

The specialist I took Dixon to last week (he was a specialist on the basis that he kept me waiting an hour and charged £100 for a ten minute consultation) suggested that Dixon may start to walk again, but she would never be 100%.

He also indicated that Dixon was still only in week 3 of her 6-week recovery window. (After 6 weeks, whatever recovery she has will be how she will remain).

I didn't feel that positive after, I tried, but I figured that she was gonna be a buggy girl, but then a day later -

Honestly, I don't mean to sound to blasé about the whole thing - I'm not. I went to the flicks on Friday night (to see Shit City - buy the comic Sin City - ignore the film) and when I got home I noticed Dixon was standing up on her bed, didn't think anything of it until she walked round the dining room table - WALKED! She never fell down once.

I was STUNNED! I was convinced she would never walk again. I immediately started to get wet eyes - I was thrilled. Oh yeah, it was Shmackos all round

She is still really wobbly when she walks - it looks like she's drunk, but as I say, she's walking more and more.

In fact, we took her for a walk today, and she managed about 100 metres without the aid of her belly band (goes round her tummy when she's out - keeps her back legs up).

Dixon does get tired very quickly, but then she hasn't walked for almost 4 weeks and the muscles in her back legs are seriously weak - despite constant physio.

So it's still all to play for - gotta keep building up her muscles, get her used to walking again... avoid that cart.

Dixon in a right mood
Not so fucking sweet now, is she?

And the insurance company have coughed for the operation, Yay!


Karen said...

AWWWWW, she's so SWEET! Dixie-doo, I love you!

Those are some pretty ferocious teeth.

I am glad she is getting better! Hug the little sweetie for me again, please!!!

edwaado said...

Woohoo! That's great news.

But that last pic is scarey

Kenny said...

Give her a sausage (again).

Connie said...

I'm so glad to hear that Dixie-Doo might not have to have the dreaded ass cart. Hopefully now if she regains some strength in her legs she'll be 100% .... Great News Herge.

Nobody Special said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Great news. Good idea about the insurance. Merl's op cost me a fortune last Autumn.

thordora said...

WOO HOO! Way to go puppy doggie!

pissoff said...

Great news Herge.

Faltanus said...

Glad to see the "experts" knew what they were talking about again. That's why they make the big bucks. Of course with a snarl like that, was there any question Dixie was gonna make a miracle recovery?

Rowan said...

Ahhh, aren't you just that glad that your baby is getting better?

Sniffy said...

I'm very pleased for both of you. I remember when Max first started walking again after his legs had been pinned back on, I almost wept! They're very resilient, aren't they?

Thanks for keeping us posted. The whole thing must be very distressing and labour-intensive for you, but it's obviously worth the effort.

Nobody Special said...

When Merlie came home I let him sleep on an airbed on the living room floor all week. I even remained calm when I picked up a carrier bag that he had sneakily pissed in and got covered in stale TCP (tom cat piss) 5 minutes before I had to leave for work. We go through so much for our little one's for what? A few nudges every day with a wet nose (usually pushing your phone out of your hand), a spectator whenever you go in the bathroom and wet pawprints on the kitchen floor...worth every penny!

Ship Creak said...

Fantastic! Best news ever.

Honestly now - did you have to photoshop that last pic? I've had the good fortune to meet Dixon and she always seemed so nice...

Sniffy said...

Herge, me and Trillion aren't the same person, but we are very close friends. She got hold of my username and password and was pissing about.

I'm not clever enough to post as two people, I'm bad enough as one!

Herge Smith said...

Has she been posting as you?

How do I know who's who?

The whole systems collapsing.

Have you always been friends? - I feel so betrayed.

Sniffy said...

We've been friends for about 6 years.

I'd been blogging for a couple of months when I told her about it and she checked out cakesniffers. From there she found you and she became Trillion to identify herself to you. We pressured her to blog, although I think she was concerned about whether to reveal we were mates. We didn't say anything.

She was the main contributor to just one of my posts and she commented as me the once this evening for a laugh - and because we thought it was time to let you know that we know each other in real life.

That's all it is.

Herge Smith said...

I just can't believe it.

Was Trillion the one that was making comments on your fab blog about food you couldn't eat? Which I think was the first blog of your I commented on?

You already know edwaado is my mate don't you? Think I've made that clear... I don't like to miss lead.

Personally, I hate the fact that I have a friend of two who also blog, and wish they'd never started - only because I really wanted this to be all mine, and it really isn't now...

I do love Eddy though, he's very very special, and a much much better person than me.

Herge Smith said...

Thanks y'all for the lovely comments re: Dixon Doo.

Hello to Flatanus - everyone please go visit the man, he's got some interesting things to say!

Rowan - oh so glad she's back on her feet - I can now shout at her and kick her around the house and I won't feel so guilty.

Ship - that is no photoshop, that's the real deal.

Toque said...

That's bloody brilliant news. Peel her some grapes from me.

Nobody Special said...

What's so hard to believe?

Yeah, I did comment about what it's like to have T as a dinner guest. That might have been the first of her posts that I commented on also. I remember your comment made me laugh. Something about poo on toast, wasn't it?

That's why there was the confusion over whose blog I commented on first. I was totally honest in my answer. Trillion commented on Angry Chimp before Cakesniffers. I also tried to keep my identity a secret from T but she sussed me.

If you want to know which Cakesniffer post was done by Trillion, it was the one about gay animals. I was so angry about Ryan Twatty J and wanted to stand up for my librarian buddy.

Sorry for messing with your mind last night.

Karen said...

NO NO NO!!! NO GRAPES FOR DOGS! Grapes will make them sick. So will chocolate and raw onions.

Give her a doggie biscuit from me.