Thursday, June 23, 2005

So how is Dixon?

Dixon Doo 2

Dixon is great.

The specialist vet (£100 for 10 mins makes him special – like a high class hooker) was very pleased with the little fools progress, suggesting that there was no reason at all she couldn’t get back to near normality within the next 6 weeks.

When Dixon walks, she has an arch to her back, like an old old lady carry two heavy shopping bags of cheap non-brand high carbohydrate crap from Morrisons and a guilty secret that has haunted her since the closing days of the Second World War.

However, in Dixon’s case it is her trying to compensate for the relative lack of strength in her back legs by putting additional weight on to her front. This should normalise over the next couple of weeks as the strength continues to return to her hindquarters (her arse end)

Dixon Doo

Running is still a hit and miss affair; a few trots and she is either dragging for a moment or back to walking. Again though, this is definitely improving each day.

The fur on her back is growing back at quite a pace with the scar almost unnoticeable.

Next steps for the Doo are a continued programme of monitored walking (approx 600 metres evening stroll) with unlimited pottering around the house and garden.

We are also investigating the option of hydrotherapy, which is physio through swimming in a big pool. Apparently, this is fantastically helpful in growing muscle and restoring dexterity. I will let you know how we get on with this – and hopefully get some snaps when we do.

There you go. All good news in the world of the foolish small black and tan.

Oh, apart from the fact that her toilet training has gone to hell… little bastard thinks she can piss and shit everywhere now… one jobbie at a time, eh?


edwaado said...

Glad to hear the old dear is so much better. Of course Rudi was never toilet trained anyway, but at least she does clear up after herself.

Nice bit of photoshop too

Sniffy said...

I'm really pleased that she's doing so well. They do take advantage of your good nature once they know they're "special". The little bastards think they can get away with anything. I woke up with Max's foot in my mouth the other morning when I rolled over in bed to find him on the pillow next to me. This was the morning after I'd been disturbed by Otto supping from my glass of water.

Karen said...

Ohh... Kiss the little sweetie for me!!! I am glad it's good news all around.

(£100 for 10 mins??? Holy mother of mercy!!!)

Spirit Of Owl said...

I'm really glad that you're pooch is doing well, really, I am. Couldn't be happier for the little thing.

But bloody hell do dog lovers freak me out.

It's a DOG! They eat their own poo, so for the love of gravy don't kiss it! Eeuyach! Puh puh peh!

Sniffy said...

Noooooooooo!!! Do dogs really eat their own poo? Seriously? I feel slightly sick.

Nobody Special said...

Yeah, dogs and mongs.

Karen said...

Dogs will sniff (and may eat, if they haven't been taught otherwise) SOME stools. If you feed a dog cheap dog food there will be undigested protein in its poop, which is what the dog smells and goes after.

My dog sometimes licks his dinky. Eww...

I kiss him on the muzzle. Far away from the dinky-licking tongue.

Rowan said...

That's fantastic news! Your friend is doing better? Hooray!I'm glad to hear it, you've sounded so down lately.