Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dalek and Borg 17

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Connie said...

Piss Flaps = Meat Curtains
Har har
I heart Dalek and Borg.

cali said...

"Oh right, so you all..."
"Know it before I write it."
Yeah, I knew it before read it - still laughed my ass off tho.
Unless I'm mistaken, though, the Talaxians adopted a lifestyle of bliss and harmony in which the word "exterminate" and others like it were banned (under pain of death), thus explaining Borg's predicament. Of course, I may be mistaken.

cali said...

Candy cannot hear or see
She's in the place she needs to be

You never understand me,
Yeah, uh huh huh

edwaado said...

Ah Word, the great leveller

Sniffy said...

I love piss flaps too, what a great saying.

Nice one Ed, you're absolutely right.

Herge, I enjoyed this immensely and I'd like to declare my undying love for you, well, your blog. I wouldn't want to seem like a teenage groupie or anything.

Herge Smith said...

Tina - come to mention it - where are my teenage groupies?? - I want Teenage Groupies!!

Connie - Beef Curtains is also quite good, as in "It's veal drapes for you mister man"

Cali - eeerrr.... ge ge ge ge - you know what's coming... What's the bit of verse?

edwaado - you know's it. When the paper clip appears, we all know we're in trouble.

Tina - as always the feeling is mutual (I mean I like your blog as well, not that I also love my blog).

You all know what I mean.

Ship Creak said...

Nice to hear that even those so close to technology have the same problems as the rest of us.

Rowan said...

is this in reference to a post that Tina did a while back hmmm? Cleverly done.

MHN for short said...

So Herge...
What EXACTLY DOES Dalek "do" with that ball on a stick?...