Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Meme time - TV children I want to see die

I was recently tagged by Dry Sausage over at Forced Arse Sucker to name 5 TV children I would like to see murdered/ killed, and the method of their death.

The rules of this fantastically fun meme (aren’t they all?) state that I should also suggest a new type of murder/death… so here we go.

1. Boxey from original Battlestar Galactica – Buggered to death by a pit bull.
2. Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – gutted like a mackerel with an old mans dirty big toe nail.
3. David Platt from Coronation Street – Drowned in a vat of Vera Duckworth’s diarrhoea and sickness.
4. DJ Conner from Roseanne – hacked to death with a joke free sucked dry Zoom lolly stick.
5. Adric from Dr Who – killed by being onboard a spaceship that crashes into prehistoric Earth.

New method of murdered – eaten alive by a wild pack of council estate scallies, starting with the extremities and moving inward.

That’s me meme duties done - next I would like to nominate –

Clem Jones at Abba is not the Only Fruit
Hilary over at Wednesday Dry Wankathon


garfer said...

If my memory serves me right I think no5 actually happened.
How about Timmy Mallet (not strictly a child, but a munchkin wanker so he'll do) - head liquidised in a Breville toasted sandwich maker before being arse shagged to death by Janet Street Porter.

Monkey said...

I shall not sleep tonight.

MHN for short said...

Nothing for days and then this? A meme? You always suprise me. :-)

Rowan said...

Dawn, YES!!! Glad someone else finally said it, the stupid childish baby, she is annoying as shit. I never understood how when Buffy was her age, damn near getting killed at every turn was acceptable, but Dawn wasn't even allowed to hear the word "vampire" as they were trying to protect her fragile little mind.

Now, David Platt? What's he ever done to deserve such a nasty [oh so very nasty :o)fate]I ask you? I mean, his mother, Gail and her deadly fluttering eyelashes, sure....I cannot stand the apelike witch, but David? He's kinda just a pointless character, ain't he? Course that whole family is kind of fucked ain't it? I mean, Sarah Lou is a naive little twit, David....most I can think of is that little smarmy wrinkled up nose he gets, Martin the perv, Audrey is somewhat sensible, but she gave birth to Gail so that puts her at fault....tossers the lot of 'em!