Friday, August 19, 2005

Missing scenes from Star Wars by Swiss Toni

More theft from the Skywalker Ranch, this time by
Swiss Toni from Swiss Toni's Place

missing scene SWISS
missing scene SWISS2


MHN for short said...

funny! I'll never get to sleep with all these laughter induced endorphines!

Karen said...

Err... I don't get it. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh god, sooo funny! Still laughing!


PS. Karen - Harrison Ford (aka Hans) is dating Calista Flockhart (aka Allie)

spinsterwitch said...

Very well done!

Karen said...

Aak - so Princess Leia is just asking "WTF is that about? [dating Ally McBeal]?"

Harrison Ford said...

nothing like an explanation to spice a joke up, eh?

And by the way, she's a bit thin, and I'm a bit old, but I think she's great.