Friday, August 19, 2005


Our 3rd and final 'We love eachother' and also our final post from for this 'Over to you Friday'.

Of course, the final post goes to
Tina from Cakesniffers Beware!

Reprinted with no permission from The Guardian Weekend Suppliment

we love each other - Tina

Tina Cakesniffer & Max Mousesniffer

Tina I remember the very moment eleven years ago when I first set eyes on him; I have adored him ever since. I was devastated when he got run over and his legs had to be pinned back on, but with lots of TLC, he made a remarkable recovery. He is very special and he loves it when I accompany him on his walks, and also when I do my special whistle to call him in at night. He gets into some tight spots though, but I love him so much – I have even broken into houses to get him out. He is the best cat ever.

Max She is a fucking pain, she will not leave me alone. I was supposed to be going to another home, but I am sure that she killed those people so that she could have me. Eleven years on and I am still stuck with her. She really embarrasses me at night by insisting on following me around the streets, and she does this stupid whistle that makes all my friends laugh at me. I wish she’d go away.
Craig Taylor


MHN for short said...

too darned funny!!!!! Is that an Angry Chimp t-shirt she's wearing?

Karen said...

Tina, that is the cutest picture EVER!

Sniffy said...

Hey Herge, nice work on that t-shirt.

Excellent work on this too, thank you so much.

Errrm, can I be cheeky and ask for the jpeg please?


Sniffy said...

And what is that in the background picture?

thordora said...


MHN for short said...

it looks like a water colour of the "smallest penis ever" from the foamy post.

Sniffy said...

It certainly does, doesn't it? Do you think he's trying to say I'm a nobhead?

Herge Smith said...

No no, don't start reading stuff into the pics that aren't meant.

Rowan said...

awww, I can see why u'd go all mental for the little sweety, i know I would. my cat's been a tramp lately, so i too, am stalking over the the neighbours houses to retrieve my cat without morals.

garfer said...

Har har har!
That's how cats regard all of us. Gangly, clumsy whiskas dispensers, to be regarded with total contempt.

Sniffy said...

But Max does love me, he really does.

red one said...

*still laughing at Cake and Max*