Monday, August 01, 2005

The Monday Interview - Dreamers Reality (MHN for Short)

Helllllooooo Neuman!

Michelle Neuman is a Houston, Texas based blogger. Her blog 'Dreamers Reality' is what I would describe as a 'proper' blog, in the sense that it charts aspects of her life, is an online diary, but also provides opportunites for reflection and opinion.

Michelle is very open about her faith and her life, which is what makes her blog so fascinating to read, and Michelle a pleasure to interview.

1. How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging since April 2005.

The first ever 'chelle blog - here

2. Why did you start blogging?

My SIL did it. (The sister in law's blog - Wellspring) My Husband did it (Scootertastic - Scooter Commuter ) and it seemed like it was a good way to get all the "crap" out of my gray matter that floats around and drives you crazy. So in a sense, I started blogging to save my sanity.

3. How many posts have you written to date?

125 (that's an average of 1.5 per day my stato chums)

4. Which post are you most proud of and why?

Well, two actually...

Ode to a Sweet Kitty:

It was my first "Ode" and I think that I did pretty well.

Ode to a Sweet Kitty

My dear sweet Cinnamon, whose eyes were so blue, I hope we always showed just how much we loved you.

Your fur so soft and brown multi hued, we'd rub and rub until you mewed.

You were so sweet with your little clubbed foot, and the sound it made with a muted tunk, tunk, tunk.

You lived twelve years under our care; and shared with us all of your hair.

We loved you kitty, David, Owen and me; and know that your are somewhere you'll be free of pain and happy.

Albert misses you and so do we.

We had to let you go, so you could be free.

Cinnamon - March 1993 - April 28, 2005

And The Chest:
nice poem, decent message

The Chest

There are things one lays upon their chest.

There are things that must come off, so you can get some rest.

When you relieve the chest of all the rest, then your life can be it's best.

So, on occasion relieve your chest of all the rest and let your life be it's best.

When you flick the boulder off your shoulder be careful that it doesn't land on your friend.

If it does, in fact, land on your friend; please be kind with them for they may not be with you in the end.

Communication, to the wise, is not a pretense to guise, but the beginning of truth; which from our lips should always come.

Be kind in your choosing, the words which you speak. For it is better to love than to make others squeak.

5. Who was the first person to comment on your blog outside of friends/family?

I thought that I didn't know mollo, but it turns out that I did, so Texas Ivy (My life was good today) was the first real "stranger" to leave a comment. Thanks Ivy!

(I’m not certain this is true, I’ve had a good look at the first month of Michelles blog and she had a couple of comments prior to Ivy posting – it is possible these comments were left on old posts, so we’ll let Michelle have the benefit of the doubt here).

6. What would you rather have less visitors but more comments or many visitors but no comments?

Well, since I can't get my site tracking thing to work right, I'd rather have more comments. I check them throughout the day. First thing in themorning, last thing at night. I love my blogger friends!

7. Is there something you would like to post about onyour blog, but haven't yet?

Yes. Since I have been really open on my blog about being a Christian and also being a human, I'm afraid that when I stumble in my "Walk with Christ" I'll be labeled as a hypocrite. I've never claimed to be perfect or nice. I just call it as I see it and hope that I do what God wants me to. I fall everyday, but I try my best. I think that's all that we as humans can do. I just hope that my humanness, doesn't turn people away from Christ. You know, because I'm such a screw up.
(but that's what make it soooo interesting Michelle!)

8. Do your friends/ family read your blog?

Husband does sometimes, but we talk about EVERYTHING so he doesn't always read it. My SIL Jean does so that she can keep "tabs" on me. See how my life is going. "Mollo" is a friend that I thought was a stranger until about a week ago. She answered some questions and I discovered that she was my friend Nikki. She's a really cool chick!

(Some of the fun stuff at Deamers Reality - visit in order:


how many did you get?)

9. How many blogs are there in your links list?

Hmmmm, let me see...34, but I need to weed. Some of then I don't read as much. Will keep them on favourites though.

10. Which blog do you check out first and why?

First is Jean, the SIL. following that - The Angry Chimp!!!! Not that I'm kissing up or anything, your stuff makes me laugh and when I don't understand the "cultural references", you don't make me feel stupid when I ask questions.

Thanks Guy! That means a lot to this sweet little Yank!

(I assume here she means our constant efforts to educate our transatlantic friends in the ways of 'tosser', 'Joey' and 'Stephacockaliticus')

11. Do you always leave comments at blogs you read?

Mostly I do, but sometimes I don't. I actually read Cakesniffers Beware! for 3 weeks before I was brave enough to leave a comment. – (I think most people feel like this about Tina’s blog)

12. What do you most like about other blogs?

I like finding out what's going on in other's lives. I'm kinda nosey that way... :-) I also enjoy the satirical stuff, some political (but that can get tiresome after a while) and comical blogs. I like to see what makes people tick...

It's also nice to know that you are relatively normal and not the total
freakazoid you thought that you were. :-D

13. What do you most dislike about other blogs?

Not updating posts or comments. Come on, I bothered to leave a comment, bother back. Lets converse!! :-D I like people in general, so I like theinteraction.

(Michelle gets ticked at another annoyance of blogging that we all share - anon bloggers leaving nasty comments)

14. What single thing would you like to improve about your blog?

I think I'd like to get my site meter working.

(Blimey – even I think can help her with that).

15. Who would you like to conduct this interview with on your blog?

Jean the SIL.

16. In a conversation about your blog, how would you like it described?

A dreamer who is completely immersed in reality and doesn't mind.

(Actually, I think Garfer at Tunnocks Teacakes describes Dreamers Reality best –

'Cheerful – M H Neumann'

– which lets face it, in the moanathon that is the blogverse, being cheeful is quite unique).

Thanks MHN (for Short).


Sniffy said...

I actually read Cakesniffers Beware! for 3 weeks before I was brave enough to leave a comment. – (I think most people feel like this about Tina’s blog)

What's that supposed to mean?

Nice work again Herge. These interviews are a great way of condensing all there is about a blog in one. I might send my interview to those cunts whoe trying to fly but can't afford the bariatric seats on American Airlines. I have a pointless blog. That might be the case, but at least people fucking read it!

Anyway, I digress. It's nice to know a bit more about what Michelle did before I started to catch her stuff. Thanks. She's a good un and she posts some quite thought-provoking stuff on her blog.

Herge Smith said...

You know I did that bit -

(I think most people feel like this about Tina's blog)

It's cause your forthright take no-prisoners kidda gal.

As for 'Chelle - she aces. Very kind and lovely - like Garfer says - Cheerful.


Sniffy said...

She's a doll.

I'm having trouble with those fatarse yanks.

Sniffy said...

Actually, that was a bit cruel. There's nothing wrong with people wanting to lose weight, it's just the perception that being thinner makes you a better person that makes my blood boil.

edwaado said...

Nice Sienfeld reference

MHN for short said...

Thanks so much Herge!! & Tina & edwaddo! I get the "Hellloooo Neumannn" all the time from a lady at church. I just call her by her last name Fontenot, but pronounce it Fahntehnaht. She hates that... Yes, I am a squirt!

I know I've been pretty serious lately, but the head is sorting itself out. Thanks for the patience and support. I have probably two more serious posts, then it will most likely be back to the "cheerful chelle". I her better. :-D

Thanks Again!!

MHN for short said...

As far as my part for that statement it was that you guys seemed to know each other so well, that I wasn't sure if I could/should butt in, but now I know better what blogs are all about. You guys have taught me much! Loads & Loads!! It's a good thang!:-)

MHN for short said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sniffy said...

Ah Michelle, just so long as you don't think I'm intimidating in any way. I've no idea what could give anybody that impression!

garfer said...

The more commented upon blogs can seem a bit cliqueish at times. I'm sure that's never the intention. It's inevitable that when people have been conversing for a while they share their own private language.
Just been over at sniffers.Glad that was a Liverpool mug on her desk.

MHN for short said...

You are a strong woman with strong opinios. I like that in a gal! Reminds me :-D

MHN for short said...

that should be "opinions" soz.

Sniffy said...

Why you glad it's a Liverpool mug Garfer? Is that "glad it's a Liverpool mug - OR ELSE"?

I know what you mean about cliquey blogs and it is inevitable unfortunately. I do try to reply to anybody new who takes time to leave a comment and I always check out their blogs if they have one. Some people are complete up their own arse bastards who never bother.

Ship Creak said...

I've only recently switched onto Michelle's blog the last few days. Read a few older ones at random and you're right, Tina - very thought provoking.

I could do with a bit of a lift, I think my best mate of many years may not talk to me again. My fault, and I can't go into it here, but it's got me down a little. Nice to see something nice and uplifting.

Sniffy said...

Ohhhhh Ship, no! I had a major bust up with Trillion a couple of years ago and she wouldn't have anything to do with me for over a year. It was the most desperately unhappy time in all my life. I hope you get things sorted, life is far too short for that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

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Far Right Wing

Sniffy said...

That twat's been spamming loads of blogs. The arse.

Herge Smith said...

Well, I'm glad I've got my clique.

Wish it was bigger mind.

Sniffy said...

Well, as they say: size doesn't matter. But you know where you are with a big un. And at least yours is bigger than mine.

garfer said...

I,m glad that you appear to support Liverpool and not Manchester (Salford) United.

Herge Smith said...

That clearly isn't true - you get way more commentators than me, I probably get more passing hits, but it's the comments that count.

Infact I was checking my stats this morning and I had a first timer look at my blog 89 times in an hour and not a single comment.


Sniffy said...

89? The average I get is about 4 and they never comment. You look at the comments on my posts and it's usually a game of comment ping pong between me and one or two others. Pathetic. You have loads of visitors that never come to Cakesniffers.

Garfer, I may be from Salford, but I have some standards. It wasn't easy growing up a Liverpool fan around here, but it was character building.

MHN for short said...

Ship, go to your friend. Fix it. Life ain't fun without your buds. blessings to ya Man!

Anonymous said...

Tina: I think the combats make you very intimidating. Certainly it's not your profile pic.

I have MHN to thank for being very nice in every post/comment, and helping me with our failure of a joint blog (HAHAHA, it was actually just a silly spinoff of some comment a long while ago, in blogtime).

I have Tina to thank for saying hi to me, a first-time poster, and being so inviting. Now that I think about it, the song Hotel California is playing in my mind... hrm...

MHN for short said...

WE CAN STILL GET THAT GOING IF YOU WANT. sorry for the caps. Dave said he'd be interested in contributing.

Craig said...

I really love these interviews. It's interesting to see what someone says about their own site, while being interviewed for someone else's site.

Rowan said...

ummm, ok, will delete the very same interview I was asked to work on for Mhn.....that was a waste of several days.....:o(