Saturday, August 20, 2005

WE LOVE EACH OTHER - The Guardian Magazine 20/08/05

Reprinted with no permission from The Guardian Weekend Suppliment 20/08/05

we love each other 200805
THE WEEKEND MAGAZINE: Thank God for the brolley!

Sara Bursey & Luis Muñoz

Sara We do not just do this as a weekend hobby; frankly, those people are the weirdo’s and perverts. No, this for us is a fulltime endeavour. Obviously, the first thing people ask is if it gets cold during the winter. Of course it does, although I think our skin has toughened up significantly. I can stick pins into his bottom and he does not even flinch. He does ask me to do it quite frequently, so I can only assume he gets something out of it.

Luis Luis Her breasts did not quite reach her belly button when I first saw her shopping for Preparation H in the Guildford branch of Army and Navy. They are down to her knees now; that is the only draw back with having had ten children and not wearing a bra since 1967. Mind you, my penis has not got any longer and I have not worn Y-fronts since the Beatles split up. Craig Taylor


Sniffy said...

But it's different for blokes!

My tits are a bit longer since they got stretched at the hospital the other day.

garfer said...

A welcome return of the genuine article.
Those amateurish interlopers who vainly attempted to steal your thunder yesterday have been revealed as the true charlatans that they are.

Sniffy said...

Ahem, I thought myself and max looked rather good, ACTUALLY.

edwaado said...

Nothing like the real thing. Pure 100% chimp.

Rowan said...

you are back already? U crazy boi! I would have had to take a month's sabbatical after all taht work you did with everyone's copycatitis. You should be paid for this though.

Karen said...

Never mind her tits! Ten kids! Think of the stretching of her privates!!!

So Herge, what's the word on the 2006 calendar? (Comment on Thursday's Dixon post.)

Monkey said...

Poor man. Gravity is not elongating his penis. It's a cruel world.

So glad I found your blog.

Herge Smith said...

Monkey - And I'm glad you are here, us simians need to stick together.

Garfer - Yeah, you can smell the quality and the 10 minutes it took me to knock it up - I felt a bit guilty about taking the piss out of this fella - and if you visit the Guardian website and view the actual article you'll see why - but as Tina says, if they nominate themselves for WLEO then they nominate themselves for this.

edwaado - 100% Chimp - 100% Poo

Rowan - I know, my fingers are bleeding and my hands contorted and strained - but I soldier on, just for your entertainment.

Karen - Not sure about the 2006 calender - the big news is though, there may be a new little smooth dachshund joining the household in the nearish future - definately calender material.

Tina - Hullo - You and Max looked ace, especially the pissed off look on maxs mush.

guile said...

nice, cozy place you got here :)..